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We offer a welcoming and comfortable environment coupled with consistent high quality work. You’ll leave with an authentic, one of a kind piece as well as a refreshed notion of what it is to visit a tattoo studio.

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At Squid Ink, we believe in crafting not just tattoos, but personal masterpieces that reflect the unique journey of every individual who walks through our doors. Explore our gallery and embark on a journey where your vision meets our artistry, resulting in something spectacularly unique—just like you.

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About Us

Squid Ink Tattoo Studio is located on Main Street in Goddard Kansas. The Studio is owned and operated by Goddard native Ellie Taylor. Who; after spending a year and half working and honing her craft in Augusta Ks, is back in the town that raised her!

Ellie’s mission is to be a player of change and growth in the perception of what it means to visit a Wichita area tattoo shop.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Check out our FAQs for an idea of what to expect from your sessions with us. Still not sure about something? Just send us a message or give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you!

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  • How much does Squid Ink charge for a tattoo?

    A lot goes into determining the cost of a tattoo. Such as size, detail, style, and placement. We also take into account the budget of the client. Ultimately….there is no one objective answer. Please see our booking Page for a “Pricing Guide”

  • How far out are new appointments booked?

    Clients should expect to book a date no sooner than two months from the day they are inquiring about a new piece.

  • Do you require a deposit for booking?

    Yes, to hold your spot on the books Squid Ink Tattoo Studio requires a $50 deposit to set your appointment date. The deposit WILL be put towards the final price of your custom piece and is only refundable if you cancel a minimum of 7 days prior to your booking.

    Your deposit WILL transfer if you need to reschedule. However the closer to your original appointment you reschedule, the longer you may have to wait for the next available date.

    There is always a chance that Ellie will need to reschedule due to some unforeseen/ last minute circumstances Ex. Illness, family emergency, etc….. In which case you will be contacted and rescheduled ASAP.

  • Do You Take Walk-Ins?

    At this time Squid ink is a private (by appointment) Studio and does NOT accept walk-ins as part of a standard, weekly schedule unless otherwise promoted via social media and/or a monthly newsletter regarding specific walk-in only dates.

  • Can I Bring family or friends to my appointment?

    Yes! We understand the impact of having a support crew by your side during the tattoo process. We do ask however that you keep your crew size to no more than three individuals. Any obnoxious and/or reckless behavior that jeopardizes the environment of the shop or potential quality of the tattoo will NOT be tolerated. If this behavior is not reeled in by the individual(s) they will be asked to leave.

  • Can a member of my Support Crew get a small tattoo if my appointment gets done sooner than expected?

    No, we ask that all new and existing clients respect the booking process set forth by Squid Ink tattoo studio. For more information on booking a group session please see our “Booking” page.